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Thank you for the opportunity to introduce our company. My late father, Harry Stowers established Parkland Laboratories, Ltd. in 1986 as an independent, NVLAP accredited laboratory for testing asbestos in building materials and organic chemistry. In addition, Parkland staff members are also licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health in various professional disciplines that include: Asbestos project supervisors, Air sampling professionals, Building Inspections for Asbestos and Lead, Asbestos project management and Asbestos management planning for schools/institutions.

In 1995, Parkland evolved into other facets in the environmental field. Parkland performed multiple ASTM Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for commercial properties; Phase II’s involving subsurface investigation; drilling or probing for collection of soil and groundwater samples and in-house laboratory for analyses of samples. In addition, Parkland began to receive requests from current and new clients for removal of asbestos in the commercial and industrial sector.

In 1999, Parkland became a licensed Asbestos Abatement Contractor with the Illinois Department of Public Health. During this period of new growth, I changed the name of the business to Parkland Environmental Group, Inc. to reflect the various services we provide. In 2003, Parkland began select demolition and total building demolition at the request of our clients. Parkland now provides multiple services under one roof. For example, a client approaches us with a project involving an abandoned building; we can provide the ASTM Phase I historical study of the past and present use of the target property to determine if recognized environmental conditions exist resulting from potential sources of chemical contamination. We can provide the building inspections for Asbestos and Lead, analyze asbestos bulk samples in-house by Polarized Light Microscopy, perform asbestos abatement and demolish the structure to facilitate new construction.

In 2007, Parkland decided to concentrate on the areas of building inspections, asbestos abatement, select, and total building demolitions. In addition to the demolitions Parkland provides, we now offer mechanical demolitions as part of our demolition service. All services Parkland has provided in the past and in the present are client-geared. If a need arises outside the normal scope Parkland has adapted and provided the service necessary to complete the project in a timely and efficient manner.    

Parkland Environmental Group, Inc. is a local, independent business that has served the Central Illinois area for over 27 years.



David B. Stowers

Corporate Secretary


Parkland Licensing, Training Certificates and Insurance Available Upon Request:

  • -Current Clientele Reference Guide
  • -2016 IDPH Asbestos Contractor License
  • -2016 General Liability and Workers Comp Certificate
  • -SAMPLE Scope-of-Work Plan
  • -IDPH Licensing and Training Certificates for Asbestos Workers/Supervisors
  • -2016 IDPH Lead Inspector License and Training Certificate
  • -Health & Safety Plan
  • -Asbestos Abatement
    • --Standard Operating Procedures
    • --Medical Surveillance Program
    • --OSHA Employee Respirator Protection Program


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